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Dove Cameron hair long pictures Dove Cameron Long Hair. Dove Cameron is that the 17-year-old player UN agency plays the elements of 54 and Maddie on the show referred to as . .  . 54 &  Maddie! It’s entirely crazy to Pine Tree State however 54 and Maddie will be within the same space speech one another however it’s very just one woman. however will she do that? we have a tendency to ought to check with Dove concerning her experiences on the show. Q: What’s it wish to play identical twins? Dove: It’s an amazing expertise. the complete novelty of taking part in 2 individuals was variety of terrific initially, however it's in all probability the most effective coaching and knowledge I’ll ever have. It’s a totally completely different deed, and particularly doing it on tv, because, it’s a way quicker pace than film. The last time one woman compete twins on tv, i feel it absolutely was sixty years agone on The Patty Duke Show. it's alittle bit intimidating sometimes, however it’s simply been the foremost unimaginable expertise on behalf of me as Associate in Nursing actor, and as an individual aiming to explore 2 completely different characters at identical time. Q:Does it ever get confusing? does one ever begin doing 54, and are available out with Maddie quite stuff? Dove: you recognize, I don’t, as a result of originally, our show wont to be referred to as Bits and items. I solely compete one woman, and so film maker set it required a lot of of a solid plot, and then I became twins. Since I ne'er really auditioned for either of the twins, I ought to utterly produce them from the bottom up. I’ve well-known these characters very, very well for the higher a part of six months currently. There’s no confusion around that, simply because they’re therefore concrete in my mind. They’re like real masses to Pine Tree State. Q: You’re 5’2″, and you'll be able to dunk currently. what's your basketball coaching like? Dove: we have a tendency to didn’t have basketball coaching within the starting, however I wont to work a handful of times per week with this tremendous coach in Hollywood. I really very am fond of it. Among the long list of things that this show has given Pine Tree State, it’s additionally given Pine Tree State back my love of sports, and honestly exercise. i like basketball. I want I had longer to play it, and that i assume it’s an excellent effort. I’m really, very happy it’s been brought back to my life through this show. Q: Is it true that the writers generally place a private detail of your life into the script? Dove: I’m enthusiastic about Doctor UN agency and Doctor UN agency references show up during a number of episodes. There was Associate in Nursing episode wherever we have a tendency to do show choir and that i wont to do show choir back after I was in highschool. There are some references to one thing that I’m additionally terribly hot about: I create plenty of my very own garments. I even have a plaything that I wake up set plenty, that my sister gave Pine Tree State, named Stanley, and then there was alittle creature named Stanley on the show, and simply things like that. they need a fun time Pine Tree Statessing with me. Q: however did you get the name Dove? Dove: i used to be really born with a unique name, Associate in Nursingd my father gave Pine Tree State the nickname Dove after I was an child. I got it before I even turned a year previous, and so it absolutely was Dove, and Dovey, and Dove-Love, which was virtually simply my name. My family referred to as Pine Tree State that; all my friends referred to as Pine Tree State that. My birth name is really on year books and my credential, however apart from that, I even have nothing to try to to with it. Q:What is your uncomparable favorite book? Dove: Oh, wow. To be honest, my uncomparable favorite book is really a group of King of England Allan author poetry that i used to be given by my gramps after I was terribly, very young. I still have it. The spine is crooked and worn, and every one my favorite pages area unit primarily worn through, however I’m an enormous author fan. Q: does one have a pet? Dove: I do. i'm an enormous animal lover and that i have a 13-year-old cat. Her name is nonflowering plant. She’s terribly downlike, and she’s got spirited inexperienced eyes, and she’s been with Pine Tree State since i used to be four. i feel she may be a ME Coon. Q: does one have a primary day of faculty memory? Dove: I create plenty of my very own garments, and that i are doing therefore since i used to be terribly young. So, i feel most of my back-to-school recollections area unit invariably staying up till all hours of the night before to end my outfit, and debuting it. initial day back in class was invariably such Associate in Nursing exciting day on behalf of me. i like the primary day back in class as a result of that’s wherever you meet everybody, and you look within the eyes of all the folks that you’re reaching to be outlay the foremost of a year with. you recognize your academics, and you get integrated, and there’s that exciting buzz. i like initial day back in class. Q: what's the foremost embarrassing factor that happened to you? Dove: i made a decision, after I was twelve, to chop my very own hair, and so dye my very own hair. I keep in mind trying within the mirror and thinking, “You grasp what? i need bangs,” and then I grabbed the scissors from the room, and that i gave myself bangs.  Except I cut, like, halfway back on my head, and then I gave myself 0.5 a bowl cut. [LAUGHTER] and so I colored it black. i feel i used to be going for, sort of a Zoey Deschanel. [LAUGHTER] it absolutely was sort of a German faculty boy’s look, 70s variety of look. it absolutely was very dangerous. Q: Is there any food that you simply couldn't live without? Dove: Oh, grapes. I couldn't live while not grapes. Q: What would your definition of an ideal day be? Dove: i might have gotten ten hours of sleep. i might have woken up and had a huge breakfast. it might be seventy five, breezy, sunny, and that i would pay most of the day either reading or writing, going in alittle little bit of studio time recording a song, and change of state an enormous dinner, and baking some lavish sweet. Q: area unit you engaged on a CD? Dove: affirmative i'm. Music is really Associate in Nursing equal if not bigger passion of mine, than acting. I even have invariably been a singer, ever since i used to be terribly little, and that i even have a wierd voice. It’s a voice that was meant for opera, however since I’m a pop singer, I even have to be perpetually engaged on it, as an alternative I will burn it out. It’s terribly delicate. Keeping your voice in form is like coaching for a marathon; you've got to perpetually be feeding it and keeping it in form, and taking care of it and worrying concerning it, occupation thereto. But yes, I even have been engaged on music since i used to be terribly young, and that i only in the near past started engaged on Associate in Nursing album. Q: does one have a private expression, or a favourite quote? Dove: affirmative I do. It’s really a Theresa quote. “If you choose somebody, you've got no time to like them.” That one’s affected Pine Tree State for quite a while as a result of it rings therefore true on behalf of me. i'm the sort of person who cannot hold a grudge. it's terribly simple on behalf of me to forgive somebody, and that i have a really exhausting time not giving somebody the advantage of the doubt. i like individuals therefore vastly that I simply don’t have space to run around with judgment hanging around my ankles and dragging that with Pine Tree State where i'm going. i might abundant well be freed from all of that and be ready to categorical my like to individuals than to feel the burden of my serious thoughts. Interview by Marie Morreale See to : Gallery Celebrities
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